Leave No Trace

Hike Phoenix

Besides me, who else on the trail has hiked past litter? Ugh. It can completely ruin the hike.

Right when you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere and one with nature, you look down to find a bright white used Kleenex laying on the dirt ground. Or a plastic water bottle. Or a Circle-K cup. Or candy wrappers. Or a variety of these items all scattered around. Nothing can take you out of the feeling of being in nature than seeing litter along the trail.

green trash bin on green grass field

I can’t understand why people would litter in the first place, but then especially while on a hike.

Along the Phoenix hiking websites and trail signs you may have noticed signs informing hikers of the “Leave No Trace” policy.  This policy is exactly how it sounds. Leave No Trace that you were ever there.

Keep nature wild, right?! Right.

So, when…

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Before Pitching, Do Your Homework

I don’t know about you but for me the thought of actually being a freelance writer fills me up with so much excitement that I feel like I’m going to explode!!! My immediate reaction is to jump in and take action. Although before the real action can take place, you need to organize and do your research of who it is that you want to write for.

The best tips are to write what you know and what you are interested in. So, if you don’t know, then you need to sit down and really think and imagine about topics that you are passionate about writing about.

analysis blackboard board bubble
What topics peak your real passion?

Once you have narrowed down your niches then you want to start researching publications that you would want to write for. Before you begin pitching away, you need to make yourself familiar with the company. Spend time learning the tone and topics that they are covering. This way you can send a more personalized pitch and that demonstrate you understand their company.

As a writer you need to know who your audience is, right? Getting to know the publications readers is also a high priority.

The best method to research who the readers are, is to pay attention to the publication ads. If there’s a car ad, is it a Mercedes ad or a Ford Focus ad? If it’s a clothing ad, is it selling young people clothes or older peoples clothes? By looking at the ads you can tell which demographic the company is projecting to.

person using ballpoint pen

So, while at first you’re excitement level may might want to begin the pitch process, the first real step is to get organized. You need to figure out your niches, the publications and the readers.

Then you can get started with the pitching process!

Overusing Keywords in Your Blog

Search engines like Google are smart.

In fact, they are so smart that they are able to detect when your website is a scam and when it’s legit.

The purpose of search engines is to give their customers the best online experience by directing them to the most useful website.

Therefore, whatever key words are being typed into the search engine bar, Google wants to ensure they will produce the best websites results.

If they fail to do this, then the customers will use another search engine and Google’s respectable reputation will quickly diminish.

person holding white ipad

For this reason, Google scans sites looking for those keywords. In the past, blog writers would overload these keywords onto their clients sites. This helped increase their SEO (search engine optimization) rankings but they were not useful sites for the customers. To remedy this, Google changed the way it scanned for legit sites.

marketing woman office working

In fact, if you are overusing your keywords Google may think you’re not legit and will mark you lower on SEO.

That’s why hiring a good blog writer is important. You want someone who can understands this concept.

Incorporating keywords is a tricky balance.

What you want to do is focus on creating quality content with a few useful key words. If you’re thinking about the needs of the people visiting your site, then you will ultimately be successful.